The fittest Internet users are surfers and connoisseurs with an average age of around 40.

Currently, 85% of Slovakia’s citizens have access to the Internet and almost 99% of them use it daily. In 2000, only 9% of them were online. It was shown by a survey of researchers from United Consultants in collaboration with MARK BBDO and Pricewise, who map the behavior of 2000 Slovaks on the Internet.

As the researchers said Tuesday at a meeting with journalists, the Internet is a common day-to-day business today, without which many wouldn’t be able to imagine their lives and decisions. Over the course of 18 years, the internet has become part of almost every household.

Almost half (46%) of all online users connect to the online world via their mobile phone and every digital home has 5.69 internet-connected devices. Slovaks use the Internet to find information, then to communicate with people they are not close to, or to fill in their free time. Work is in fourth place.

According to online activities, digital consumer researchers have divided into eight categories. The biggest representatives are connoisseurs, followed by voyagers, enthusiasts and the first four is closed by the robinson group. The fifth category is surfers, with the largest number of young people aged 31 on average. The last three are pragmatists, observers and apostates.

The fittest Internet users are surfers and connoisseurs with an average age of about 40. Just connoisseurs are the most educated and the most affluent of digital consumers. The robinson segment is the world of women, unlike pragmatists, where most men are. Robinson women are women from smaller towns and villages whose income has fallen due to maternity leave. It is often their only window in the world. Without the Internet, they can’t imagine life, not because they’re bored, but because they wouldn’t have done anything without it, they’d lose contact with the people they cared about and didn’t know what was going on out there.

For enthusiasts, the idea of ​​being offline is completely unimaginable, the Internet is a constant and solid part of life for them. The voyages are characterized by price comparison and selection of the best product at the lowest price. The last group of renegades is characterized by the fact that they do not trust the technologies too much and they would not even notice if the Internet disappeared.