The diary did not write when Ma became a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Jack Ma, chief of China’s largest online store, Alibaba, and the most famous Chinese capitalist, is a member of the Communist Party. On Monday, the People’s Daily official newspaper wrote it to the public’s belief that the billionaire is politically unorganized. Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday.

People’s Daily unveiled Jack Mao’s membership when he published a list of 100 people who, according to the newspaper, helped to push the country’s “reforms and openings” process toward the world. Forbes.

It is not clear why the diary has now decided to mention Mao’s party affiliation, but the information was made public when Beijing is trying to persuade private businesses in the country to adhere more to party principles. Beijing is trying to do this especially in the technology sector, which is developing rapidly thanks to the success of private companies.

Ma announced in September that he would resign from the position of chief of the Alibaba Group Holding next year. He is a Chinese business leader who attracts the most attention. He has served as an advisor to political leaders in Asia and Europe and has also had grand plans in the United States.

An entrepreneur has built a gigantic $ 390 billion company from Alibaba, dominating the internet market, ranging from logistics to social media. He also founded Alipay, a popular Internet payment system.

Mao’s political affiliation has surprised many. The majority of Chinese in the earlier survey questioned “Is Jack Ma a member of the Communist Party?”

Alibaba refused to comment on Mao’s membership report, but a company spokesman said in a Reuters e-mail on Tuesday that political ties had no impact on business operations or business decisions.

“We comply with all laws and regulations in the countries where we do business because we want to fulfill our mission everywhere: to make it easier for people to do business in the digital era,” Alibaba spokesman added.

The diary did not write when Ma became a member of the Chinese Communist Party.