Local subscribers do not have the same title library or income as in other countries.

The Comparitech.com portal focused on comparing Netflix subscription tens in dozens of countries around the world, noting Live.com. Slovakia was also missing, and the service came in January 2016.

Comparitech analyzed the offer in each country in September. It was not just the amount of monthly subscription, but also the size of the offer of titles in the service for each market. Overall, he compared the offer in 78 countries.

For example, US clients have the most titles in the catalog (5,839), but it’s still not the best price ratio. It is most worthwhile to subscribe to a service in Canada where customers can track 5,561 titles for approximately 6.09 euros per month. Colombia came second, followed by India.

We’re average. Or not?

Netflix’s basic monthly subscription costs € 7.99 in our next 20 countries and 8.8% more than the overall average. It is more expensive in Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

However, it is more important to convert to a price for one title in the service catalog. He has 4 511 titles in our country, of which 3 113 films. In this respect, Slovakia is at exactly $ 0.002 for the 33rd place. For comparison, the neighboring Czech Republic is 26th ($ 0.00192 per title).

However, the situation may be slightly worse in practice. The comparison did not take into account the economic circumstances of the individual countries, and thus also the low average wage of Slovaks compared to several markets that ranked behind us.

Complete analysis results can be found on the Comparitech website.

Alza.sk adds hundreds of new subscription sites

Customers can also pick up goods outside of the outlets.

Online seller Alza.sk has announced an extension of personal collection of goods. In addition to the usual branches of the shop, it will also be picked up by new ones in the facilities that belong to the Zásielkovňa.sk network.

In addition to the stone shops, customers can also personally take over the ordered goods – but only up to a total weight of 5 kg – at a further 331 offtake points.

“More than half of our customers still prefer personal pick-up and the number is still rising with the coming holidays,” said Tomáš Havryluk, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alza.

The change also applies to the home market of the reseller, the Czech Republic, where its 1,560 operations will be expanded.

They will be even more

Alza also introduced changes to its own stores in pre-litime. She adjusted their opening hours, so ordinary stone shops are open one hour longer.

In addition, the vendor is already announcing that it will also extend the subscription network to the so-called Geis Points of Geis Parcel SK. There are a total of 95 in Slovakia.

Let us also remind you that in the last few days the store has been solving the critical traffic situation around its main logistics center in Senec. Cutting off one access path to the complex and maintaining it on the other cause several hours of columns, which also affect the delivery times of the goods. We have written details in a separate article