We have prepared tips for those who want to pay only a small amount for mobile services.

In time for Christmas, when vendors and mobile operators are trying to lure you for more expensive gifts and flat rates with the phone, we bring an article with options to pay for mobile communication as little as possible.

We have divided the article into Telephony, SMS and Internet. In fact, the fact that one provider has the cheapest calls does not mean that other services are also the cheapest. Therefore, you must primarily look at what you use most often and calculate who will offer you the cheapest services.

It is advantageous to combine two cards from different operators via dual SIM function in the mobile. However, you must have a supported device, but some mobile phones allow you to use two SIM cards only if you give up the memory card as they share the same slot.

Calls: From 2 to 10 euro cents

Juro : Telekom’s subscription currently offers the lowest market price per minute – € 0.02. For such a low price, however, you have to recharge your credit card for at least 5 euros each month, but do not use it. So you can actually “hoard” it for a year and then ask for a refund. The price also applies to calls to the EU. Without recharging, the amount increases significantly – to EUR 0.05 per minute.

Tesco mobile : Bodka, who has a fixed price tag of € 0.039, has a bargain price per minute. But beware of the extremely high price for calling the EU – a minute costs up to 0.34 euros.

4 : The 4th operator, who asks for 4 eurocents per minute without additional conditions, also has a favorable price for calls in Slovakia and the EU.

O2 : An Interesting Program O2 has no freedom to pay for a minute of talk, but for a full call, which can take up to 60 minutes. For each one you pay 0.10 Euro. Again, the advantage is that calls apply to all networks. Since the vast majority of the time is shorter, we do not recommend the card as a primary card if you do not only make such calls – it is suitable as a secondary for long calls, for example with a partner, parents or acquaintances.

Telekom / Orange / FunFon : Significantly higher prices have other subscriptions. In Telekome you pay 0.10 euros for Easy per minute. Orange has a floating per-minute price tag – € 0.12 to $ 0.09, according to the number of minutes it has called. The more you call, the lower the price. FunFon asks for $ 0.07 per minute.

Daily or weekly package

Telekom applies the rule when subscribing to the Easy subscription for at least 5 minutes during the day. It is a kind of daily unlimited package of calls to all networks in the SR for 0.5 Euro.

Tesco mobile again provides a weekly package of unlimited calls and messages for € 3.9. During this period, you can spend thousands of units – whether minutes or SMS, not a completely unlimited package.

SMS: Juro wins when recharging

Again, Juro wins the prize for one SMS that costs 2 eurocents at a regular monthly top-up of at least 5 euros. Without this, you will pay up to five euro cents. Tesco mobile charges SMS 0.039 for SMS, 4 is close to 4 euro cents.

O2 has a price tag for SMS at 0.05 Euros, Telekom and Orange at 0.06 Euros. FunFon up to 0.07 Euro.

Great differences on the Internet

If we look at the basic price data packages, the lowest price per one gigabyte offers 4ka. The 2-euro package is available on its own network with 70 percent of the population and the 3G Orange network, which is over 95 percent of the population.

O2 and FunFón ask for 5 euros for 1 GB. For a daily 0.25 GB package in O2, you pay EUR 0.5, in a FunFon 0.2 GB for 0.1 euro less – 40 euro cents. Orange card has a 1GB package for 6 euros.

In Telekome, 1 GB also costs 6 euros, but another 0.49 GB of data is a bonus. You can also activate 1 GB per week for 3 euros. The daily 0.2 GB package is for 0.5 euros.

Tesco mobile offers 0.49 GB for 3 euros and 1.47 GB for 6 euros. The daily 0.3 GB package is charged with 0.5 euros. Juro does not have a monthly package to offer – a 0.1 GB daily package is available for 0.2 euros. Weekly 0.49 GB package costs 2 euros.

How to lower prices further

You can also get a lower price by choosing a service package offered by mobile providers. Sometimes these are bundles of calling to their own network, SMS or programs that resemble flat rates and offer prepaid calls, SMS and data.

However, always consider whether you need to pay parcels – especially in the past months.