The Ministry will send the cards for free. He needs to follow the laws and material and technical matters.

Today, former Interior Minister Róbert Kaliňák said two years ago that the state would start issuing chip cards to children under the age of 15 – without a photo.

However, to this day the resort has not managed to do so and is not even talking about the date when it wants to put it into practice. We investigated what the state is doing in this regard.

They are about to prepare the competition

The electronic identification document is to be used already in 2022 for visits to the doctor for the purposes of the national eHealth system. Until then, there is an exception and just a birth number.

The term is determined by law. The National Health Information Center, which is responsible for the eHealth Health IT System, does not want to move it, confirmed for Živé.sk. The Ministry of the Interior is not talking about the shift either.

Three years ago, it was expected that all citizens of all ages would receive electronic health insurance cards. However, even after the criticism of the non-government, the state eventually abolished the plan.

The Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for issuing the documents, admitted that it does not even have the final form of identity documents without a photo.

“There is an internal cross-sectoral legislative process and also the preparation of the necessary public procurement, as appropriate adaptation of existing information systems will be necessary,” the Press Department of Živé.sk appoints the current steps. The final date therefore depends on the adoption of the law and the conclusion of contracts with suppliers. The time horizon did not come close.

Delivery of documents is also necessary – you will not need to go to your cards.

“We don’t want everyone to go to workplaces and apply. We will use the available information from the systems we have, and we will send everyone a document for the parent’s address, ”said Rudolf Hlavatý, Director of the Department of Documents and Records, in March 2017. That still applies.

How much will children pay without documents? The proposal counts up to 15 years – so it will not be necessary to renew it, so after the 15th birthday the child will receive a full document.

Almost a million pieces at a time

The resort does not exactly quantify how much the children’s papers will cost. But the total will be:

  • card costs, currently costing 1.73 euros per piece, children under 15 today are about 900 thousand, which means one-time over 1.55 million euros
  • delivery
  • the relevant information systems

They will also send them to the pensioners

In Slovakia, there is still a group of citizens without documents with an electronic chip. They can still have old books with unlimited time or even more, but without electronic functionality. The electronic version of the state gives since December 2013.

The state announces that it will solve the problem as a matter of priority – it will send special cards to all as well as children without a photo. They would also pay 15 years. So they will have two papers.

And what about older citizens who, for medical reasons, do not appear in the document department to issue a new one after the end of their identity card? The problem is solved by the mobile workplace.

Why are they no longer life

The Ministry of Interior explained that unlimited validity caused problems, for example, when traveling and displaying data via document readers.

Moreover, European legislation no longer allows them to be published. At the same time, the resort revealed that there is also a tightening in preparation for documents without a machine-readable zone, which has about 54,000 citizens: “They will be obliged to exchange them within 5 years of the regulation’s entry into force.”

They will always be lost and stolen

At the same time, the Interior Ministry is calming down. If you do not have an electronic card with you, doctors will still investigate it – as there will still be document losses and it will take some time to produce the cards.

He also argues for a group of elderly people without the latest chip IDs.

However, the eHealth project is pleased that the identity papers will be confirmed by a doctor by inserting them into the reader. They will also make the patient’s data available to doctors. In addition, electronic prescriptions are displayed in the pharmacy when they no longer print on paper. Although the applications of two health insurance companies also store them.

Pensioners and old papers

  • older than 65, but have an eID: 330,000
  • older than 65 but not eID: 545,000
  • older than 65 years and have an unlimited proof: 430,000
  • No e-signing yet

Documents without photos will be different from functional versions. In what? The Personal Security Code (BOK) will be optional. When a person has a BOK, he / she can set a higher level of security – accessing patient medical records for a specialist will be conditioned by entering a code.

It will not allow you to upload a certificate to a chip for creating electronic signatures at least at the beginning. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. “There is no exclusion from further development,” admits the resort.

However, the state is also preparing a mobile ID project, which, according to the head of the IT section of public administration, Jaroslav Kmeť, is to make several selected electronic services available.

The vision is that any citizen will carry an ID card, even an old one, or, for example, a passport for a designated organization, which may also be a mail to generate a mobile ID, describe it for

Let’s add that the ministry was thinking that it would also be possible to equip a full-featured ID card for children under 15 years of age.

“We have school tours, just for them [parents] handle passports. And for parents, the ID card is more cost-effective. So, to be able to travel within the European Union, they will be able to use a photo ID card instead of a passport, ”he told Hlavatý about the 2017 vision.