Shopping frenzy during Black Friday is an excellent opportunity every year to start selling Christmas gifts in bulk before Christmas.

However, if you are not careful, it may result in chaos in the store, blocked e-shop and a lot of stress. One tool is enough to handle the onslaught – a quality ERP system.

ERP are information systems that link all the activities of the enterprise into a single system. All parts of the company are so perfectly connected, be it finances, warehouses, marketing or accounting.

With good ERP, you can handle all the crisis aspects of massive discount events like Black Friday – warehouses, e-shop, purchase, price lists and order processing.

You get a complete overview of all your warehouses. You know how many goods you need to buy for the season. The system keeps track of inventory and warns you of a lack of goods in time. The ordered goods will be blocked by the system, so customers will not lose it.

You save tens of minutes a day on expedition. You will find the goods quickly in the warehouse and the system will automatically set up for you and fill in all the necessary documents. Orders can be divided into parcels, and thanks to the courier service, you will have an overview of where the package is and whether the customer has taken it.

You can easily connect ERP to the e-shop, which you can control directly from the enterprise system. This will avoid manual insertion of orders and save time. You can transfer catalogs, price lists and inventory from the e-shop to ERP.

You have infinite price adjustment options. Set up separate price lists for regular customers, seasons, sales or Black Friday. Of course, the system will calculate new prices for you.

Make your evaluation easier. The system will show you how much you have received and what goods are being sold better or worse. According to precise analyzes, you can manage the direction of your business.

If you’re worried about the big discount deals, think about a quality ERP system. For most ERP systems, you can try out their benefits and other uses on their own, through demo versions.

Higher Version of Nokia 7.1 Goes to Slovakia, We Know the Price

At the same time, the price of the basic model is reduced. Original article: HMD Global representation said it is launching a higher version of Nokia 7.1 on the Slovak market.

The higher model brings the configuration with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB flash space while the basic model has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB flash. There is also support for two SIM cards. Smartphones will be available on the market first in the blue color (Midnight Blue), and later – without the details – should be added a silver version (Gloss Steel).

We also know the price at which the phone will be officially sold on our market – € 339.

At the same time, Nokia is also reducing the cost of a basic version of Nokia 7.1 with support for one SIM card and 3 GB of RAM – a new one for 319 euros.

Updated today at 15:37: HMD Global also announced today the availability of the Android 9 Pie update for Nokia 7.1.

With this update, the Nokia 7.1 smartphone connects to the family of three other Nokia smartphones with the Android 9 Pie – Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 6.1.