Under socialism, esotericism, magic, and similar arts were forbidden somewhere else, they were simply not taken into account elsewhere. All of this has experienced its golden age in Eastern and Central Europe since the 1990s. The services of modern witches, rooted in Roma culture, are used not only by ordinary people, but also by politicians. Witches, fortune tellers, healers, astrologers, scientists, evil spirits, as well as researchers of telepathy by scientific methods will perform in Part 2 of the documentary series Once Upon a Time in the East on Thursday, November 29, at 22:00. on Spektrum.

The word “esotericism” is used to denote mystical knowledge and practice. Esoteric leadership is one that can only be obtained in a narrow group of “enlightened”, “consecrated” or extremely educated people.

According to surveys, up to 31% of people believe that there are people among us who see the future. This percentage is very similar in most post-communist countries and reflects the demand for magic services. A large number of fortune tellers, experts in the influx of money from the heavens and witches who are ridding you of evil, work for example in Slovakia and Romania.

21st Century Magic in Romania

Since 2011, witches may have been operating officially, but of course, they must then tax their income. Maria Campina, the leader of the Romanian oracle, is also called the queen of white magic. In his opulent house in Bucharest he sits on the golden throne she received from satisfied clients from America.

Maria sells her art to her six daughters and grandchildren. She has devoted herself to her art for more than 45 years, that is, she has spoken and enchanted during communism. Her fame reached Elene Ceausescu, and although the predictions of the future and similar lines were officially banned, Romania’s first lady used her services to protect herself, her husband and communism for almost 20 years.

Mrs Maria is particularly famous for predicting the bloody end of a Romanian dictatorial couple, she claims, two months before their execution. But the couple did not believe him, they believed the people loved them.

Slovak helps people thanks to the angel of hope

The generation that reached the 21st century was already free to embark on the path of spirituality. Damiel lives in Velky Meder, halfway between Komarno and Dunajska Streda. The name of the citizen is Ladislav Sivák and he became famous as the youngest oracle and healer in Slovakia. He recalls that when he was 11 years old, angels had brought him to help others through a living dream. He claims that when people are troubled, as if something is stuck on them, they carry foreign entities, so-called. low soul. But he can free them from the negative energy and release the energy of success in the client.

Ladislav-Damiel trained as a plumber, but he chose to help others for his mission. He was a nurse and worked for several years as an extremely sought-after and successful seer and healer for EZO TV. Today, she accepts her clients in the garage of a family house, temporarily rebuilt into a healing and oratory sanctuary.

They can get rid of them, cleanse their aura and ensure success. Comprehensive procedures cost from 70 to 150 euros, but the treatment of young children is free of charge. Satisfied clients also travel from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

However, there are also people who are trying to prove the existence of “supernatural” phenomena through scientific methods. These include the parapsychologist and writer Tamás Paulinyi, who has been engaged in human consciousness in his Budapest laboratory since the 1980s and is trying to rationally explore spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance, anticipation, telepathy and the existence of an invisible spiritual world.

People’s interest in supernatural phenomena is as old as mankind, and about once every hundred years one or two people with extraordinary energy will be born. Depending on the way of thinking of the period, they either beat them or persecute them. However, in post-communist Europe, people who are open to spirituality can now express their interests freely and without fear of social condemnation.

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