She also coquettishes the technology of buttons that will have a tactile response.

Microsoft has patented a fairly interesting camera / camera technology solution that may one day become part of its camera equipment. Most often, the Andromeda project is declining. It should be a flexible device that connects the world of notebooks and mobile phones.

Specifically, the patent describes – call it a “modular camera” that will be part of a hybrid device. The image suggests dividing the camera into two parts, which should work independently while improving the functioning of the second module in the collapsed state – for example, adding better optical zoom and the like.

Such a modular camera could be used in folding devices that will open like a book – Microsoft Andromeda is supposed to have such a design. Apparently equipped with one flexible display.

Another Microsoft patent revealed, as suggested by, suggests that Microsoft is also flirting with its device to implement tactile response buttons. These will be located directly on the display area.

The respective sensing elements should be placed on the edges as well as in the “joint” of the folding device.

Apple has fixed the problem with iCloud in October 10th

The problem is with Windows 10 October Update.

Apple and Microsoft have, according to available information, resolved the issue of iCloud incompatibility on the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system – including Windows 10 October Update. iCloud could not be used fully, especially problems with Shared Albums were reported.

Apple has released an updated version of iCloud for Windows – this is a 7.8.1 build to fix the problem.

Microsoft itself recommends updating iCloud through the support page before upgrading to Windows 10. Since Microsoft has stopped delivering October Update to iCloud devices in the meantime, the update may not be automatically delivered unless iCloud is updated.