But one billion dollars has not yet been achieved.

So Microsoft has once again taken the scepter of America’s largest company by market value.

The market value of the Windows creator or Office Office has increased to $ 848 billion. This is a 3 percent increase in equity. Apple’s shares have also risen on the stock market, but less than Microsoft’s. Currently, Apple’s market value is $ 845 billion. dollars, Reuters recalls.

Although technology companies have fallen rather than Apple, Microsoft is growing particularly thanks to the optimism of investors, which is related to the strong sales of its cloud services and products. The cloud is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Microsoft’s business, although the company is known to be a common user due to the operating system.

However, future stock price developments are difficult to estimate for technology companies, as the ever-growing trade war (with China) plays an important role here.

Google employees are rushing against the creation of a Chinese search engine

According to the employees, creating a search engine would create a precedent and later the company could hardly refuse search engine creation for other countries.

The goal of Google to create a dedicated search engine for China to censor certain websites to the desire of the Chinese government has caused discontent in the company itself. Employees have published an open letter to the employer calling him to stop working on the Dragonfly project, writing TechSpot.

The letter is to respond to internal e-mail signed by 1,400 employees and urged Google to provide more detailed information. But the company ignored the letter. Five employees, as a disapproval of the project, have even given notice.

The situation on Monday culminated in the above-mentioned open letter, which was signed by almost 400 employees at the time of writing this article. However, the letter states that there are much more Google employees reportedly against the project.

“We are among the thousands of employees who have been speaking for months. Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China – we are opposed to technologies that help strong in oppressing vulnerable wherever they are. The Chinese government is certainly not alone in its readiness to suppress freedom of expression and use surveillance to suppress disagreement. Dragonfly in China would introduce a dangerous precedent in an unstable political moment that would complicate Google’s rejection of similar concessions to other countries, “the letter says.

Apparently, the letter expresses concern that if Google makes a concession to the Chinese government and create a censored search engine for it, it can do so for other countries later, thus preventing greater freedom of expression.

The Chinese search engine is supposed to filter the content users can view. In addition, it is also said that users will be watching and searched phrases will pair with phone numbers. The Chinese government would know who would try to search for “forbidden” phrases.