We also tested the equipment a few days ago.

Motorola, which comes under Lenovo, has officially announced that it has released an update to the operating system for Motorola One on Android Pie.

The smartphone was originally sold with Android 8.1 Oreo. We also brought an editorial review some time ago.

Test Motorola One: At least it looks good

The new generation of Android brings with it a number of improvements. Among other things, it is about improved single-battery life, enhanced split screen, enhanced Do Not Disturb mode and color menus or sophisticated Quick Settings, simplified volume control, or an easier way to manage notifications.

More hundreds of Slovak e-shops support web payments via Google Pay

You can pay by using the GPay button, you don’t even have a supported bank account. Google announced that it has significantly expanded its Google Pay payment solution to many online stores.

At the end of August, she teamed up with Global Payments to provide payments through the GP webpay payment gateway. It is used by hundreds of stores. Currently she has also established cooperation with PayU. You can also make payments through Google Pay in stores such as Nay, Heureka, Datart, Mall, Regiojet, Notino, Zoot or hundreds of others.

The system has also been integrated, for example, by FlixBus bus carrier and AirBnB accommodation service.

Especially speed

To pay through this solution, just press the Google Pay button and choose from embedded cards in your Google account. You can also use this solution with a bank card that is not involved in Google Pay.

The advantage of such payments is speed and security, as you don’t always have to fill in the card number. ” When paying for a store, e-shop, or app, Google Pay doesn’t share your payment card data with a merchant,” emphasizes Google.