Through a side project, he wants to achieve a symbiosis of people and artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk unexpectedly “praised” that Tesla was only a few weeks since the crash in 2018. At the same time, he once again warned the world to take a more serious threat in the form of artificial intelligence, a long-term critic. He did this in an interview with the Axios HBO series, said Business Insider.

Damn production hell

According to Musek, Tesla literally “blew money as crazy”. The reason was not surprising – problems in making Model 3. Although Musk was not entirely specific, he stated that the number of weeks that Tesla had divided since the crash was one-digit.

He gave even more weight to his earlier statements when he complained that 2018 was the worst in his career.

The Tesla chief promised more than a year ago that the company will be producing 5,000 Models 3 weekly in December 2017. Finally, the goal was only achieved with a six-month delay.

It is known for a long time that during this period Musk often slept on the couch of a corporate meeting room. Only recently he recalled that he worked 120 hours a week. This is 17 hours a day – if we also include weekends.

Will we fall like monkeys?

As a long-term critic of artificial intelligence, this topic has not been raised in the interview. He does not like the weak state supervision.

“The way regulations are being introduced is slow and linear, while we are facing an exponential threat,” he said, adding that with such a “force ratio”, the AI ​​threat would likely win.

“[AI is] a digital intelligence. And over time, as algorithms and hardware evolve, digital intelligence overcomes the biological. That’s obvious, ”Musk thinks. Humanity is allegedly suffering from minor problems and therefore does not see those with potentially far-reaching consequences.

At the same time, he used a parallel with nature. “When one kind of primate – homo sapiens – became much smarter than the others, it pushed the rest into a very small space. So there are very few gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees – monkeys in general. They are in small corners of the world – cages, ZOOs, ‘he described the possible impact of AI, which he (again) described as an existential threat.

Will a person connect with a computer?

Although Musk is afraid of possible AI-related negatives, he is involved in two projects that are directly related to it. The first is OpenAI, a non-profit research organization, and Musk is its co-founder – now a generous donor of funds.

The second is Neuralink, which is trying to connect electronics with the human brain. “The long-term goal of Neuralink is to achieve a symbiosis of people with artificial intelligence,” he told Axios.

There would be many problems to solve. He mentioned, for example, damaged spinal cord or forgetting in old age.

A similar physical connection to the brain could be done within ten years. Something similar but apparently exists in its own way today, but it is less effective. These are phones, computers or watches.