For example, OpenOffice and CrystalDiskInfo have been included in the current software selection. At the same time we will introduce DesktopSnowOK in more detail.

Introducing interesting software

This section includes a more detailed introduction of software that you can install or run from a hard disk or removable disk device. We focus on free Windows programs.

DesktopSnowOK: Virtual (not only) snow on your computer

Although most of our territory has until recently been more or less overdue summer weather, with the coming holidays it is good to think of inducing the right atmosphere. And it can also include snowfall. If we can’t afford snow outside, at least a virtual version can be used. The free application DesktopSnowOK offers interesting possibilities in this respect.

DesktopSnowOK specializes in creating “snowfall” on your computer. It does not have to go directly about the snowflakes. We will have several textures, respectively. objects.

For example, it can be falling leaves, flowers or stars. The list is quite shallow. We can select which object or texture to use directly in the user interface. Custom textures can also be added. Although a bit awkward, dragging and dropping images using drag-and-drop into the application window.

In addition, there are additional settings to adjust the “snowfall” or “snowfall”. we will adjust to our liking. Whether it is the choice of falling objects, the level of transparency and the rate of falling.

Additional settings include, for example, enabling object rotation and random object size – so not all flakes look the same. We can also choose the “snow” algorithm.

Of course there is also the possibility of short-term deactivation of snow. Although overall, the application does not take up a lot of system resources, sometimes “snowfall” can be counterproductive – especially if we need to use all the resources of a computer or focus on a particular task.

The application itself does not require installation and several language localizations are available.

OpenOffice 4.1.6

These days, the OpenOffice comprehensive office suite has also been updated. In addition to LibreOffice (which is better supported), this is another interesting and well-equipped alternative for Microsoft Office. In addition, it supports various platforms, including Linux. Brings a text editor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and so on.

PrivaZer 3.0.57

The application is one of the helpers who remove “redundant” files from the disk (such as old backups or history) while helping to protect our privacy by eliminating device traces. PrivaZer delivers in-depth cleaning, even with removable drives – such as USB keys. The new version enhances the cleaning of Chrome cookies.

Contact / Download: (Windows, 7 MB, free)

For other updates, briefly:

FileOptimizer 13.40.2412 – A handy open source application whose task is to reduce the size of a whole set of files. This will be useful, for example, when they are sent by e-mail. Compressing Lossless (83 MB)

TaskSchedulerView 1.45 – Free program lets you browse or manage a list of all Windows tasks – using Task Scheduler (0.1 MB)

CrystalDiskInfo 8.0.0 – The current version of the application that helps monitor “SSD” health status while providing valuable technical information about them (4MB)

qBittorrent 4.1.4 – open source file sharing client. Supports different platforms (20 MB)

FinalCrypt 2.6.2 – Free application that specializes in large file encryption ( 70MB )

Syncios 6.5.5 – a comprehensive program for managing various mobile devices – Android, iPhone or iPad (100 MB)

HWiNFO 5.92 – diagnostic program, also monitors in real time, offers comprehensive technical information about the device, resp. system (8 MB)

WinSCP 5.13 – Free SFTP and FTP client, open source (10 MB)

Cent Browser – The goal of the project is to offer an improved version of the Chrome web browser on which it is based (57 MB)

RouterPassView 1.80 – a tool that helps with lost or forgotten router passwords, for example, “pulls out information” from backup files (0.1 MB)

ProgDVB 7.25.9 – a program that allows you to watch digital TV (via our tuner), as well as local or streaming media (19 MB)

Free Web Tools

If you consider classic software to be an experience, we will bring you tips for useful web applications. They can be run directly from the web browser environment and are system independent.

How to work with WordPress

WordPress is one of the best free content management solutions – so called Content Management System (CMS). In practice, using this open source solution, you can easily create and manage your own blogs, websites, and more.

But how to install it in WordPress? A helping hand can be provided by a comprehensive online guide available in English. It focuses on the areas of installation, administration, content management, comments, appearance, security, SEO and plugins.

Project website:

Choosing interesting browser extensions:

Random User-Agent – Firefox extension automatically changes user agent after some time, which is especially useful when hiding our real identity

Select and Speak – Text to Speech – a solution for reading selected texts in the Chrome web browser. ISpeech technologies are used