The New Zealand step follows a similar decision in Australia.

New Zealand has become another country that has blocked the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment from a Chinese manufacturer to build a new generation 5G mobile network for national security concerns.

Spark, the largest telecommunications operator in New Zealand, said Wednesday that the news agency blocked the use of Huawei devices in its 5G network because they were “significant risks to national security.” Indeed, Spark is required to inform the GCSB of its 5G plans.

GCSB New Zealand Director Andrew Hampton said in this regard that if Spark used Huawei’s 5G network, it would greatly increase the risk to national security. Still, Spark wants to finish the new 5G network by July 2020.

5G networks should also come to Slovakia in the coming years.

In the world, the pressure against the involvement of Chinese technology companies for security reasons is increasing. Especially the United States urges its allies to exclude Chinese suppliers from building 5G networks for cyber security concerns. The new 5G networks will be the next major wave of mobile infrastructure.

Huawei, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, is opposed by foreign governments that fear that its technology may be used for espionage.

New Zealand’s move follows a similar decision in Australia, which has also blocked the use of technology from Huawei and ZTE, China, to build a 5G network for security reasons. The United States and the United Kingdom have also expressed concerns about Huawei and the company has been inspected in Germany, Japan and South Korea.

The US government suspects Huawei is “pushing” mediated communication to the Chinese government.

The US Wall Street Journal said last week that the US government is trying to convince wireless service providers to avoid using a device from Huawei.

In the United Kingdom, the Security Committee, in its report, warned in July that there was only “very limited assurance” that Huawei’s telecommunications equipment was no threat to national security.

New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, which includes the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. Only one country does not oppose Huawei. Papua New Guinea said this week it will continue its agreement with Huawei to build its Internet infrastructure.