Other players are involved in testing after Ultimate Edition owners.

Game Rockstar Games studio, standing as one of the best games this year, Red Dead Redemption 2, began beta testing version of multiplayer Red Dead Online, pointed website IGN.com.

Testing began on November 27 and all players will be able to participate in each wave. Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners got the first access. November 28 will be given to those who played the title on October 26th.

Another Wild West adventure by GTA creators.

If you tried a cowgirl between October 26 and 29, the multiplayer mode will be available from Thursday, November 29th. As of Friday, November 30, all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 can participate in testing.

When you start the game, you should see Online in the top right of the main menu. You can manage the pitfalls of the multiplayer world alone or in a team along with six cowboys.

Burning horses can also ignite humans.

The beta phase may take several weeks but also months. The developer warns that not everything is running optimally and therefore asks the game community to submit feedback via an online form.

There will also be the popular Battle Royale

According to the latest leaks were discovered on Twitter and reportedly prepared a list of six game modes for Red Dead Online, reported web vg247.com.

First comes the well-known Battle Royale mode called Make It Count. Thirty-two warriors armed with bows, arrows, and throwing knives stand against each other. The ever-shrinking circuit will come with Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees maps.

In Most Wanted you are rewarded by this as a “valuable” enemy you kill. The higher the ranking the higher the reward. You will hunt on Saint Denis, Tall Trees, Thieves Landing, Tumble Weed and Valentine maps.

Also used weapons

Name Your Weapon Mode rewards you on the basis of the weapons you kill. The more difficult a weapon to kill the more points. You will be on the Lanik Electrical, Tall Trees, Heartland Oild Fields, Fort Mercer and Annesburg maps.

In Shootout and Team Shootout, which is actually team deathmatch, it is your job to kill as many opponents as you can. The Hostile Territory mode puts you in charge of dominating as much territory as possible.

The last mode is Races, which is divided into three parts. From Point to Point, you race on Fort Wallace and Bard’s Crossing maps. Multi-round races are from different regions of Saint Denis. You can enjoy the open country by crossing the checkpoints on Blackwater, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed and Valentine maps.