More than a third of Internet users will provide personal information to buy faster later.

Slovak households have an average of five to six devices with internet access. The web uses 85% of the population, 26% of whom are looking for solutions to problems first online.

This is the result of a survey conducted by United Consultants in collaboration with Mark BBDO and Pricewise, which mapped the behavior of 2,000 Slovaks online.

Leads with people

People are joining the global network primarily for contact with others. Up to 40% of surfers are looking for information and shopping only with the help of a computer.

Many can no longer imagine finding the right product without a computer or a mobile device. Already 93% of internet users have made a purchase in the last year in the e-shop.

Many do not keep the data for themselves. “35% will give their personal information to the company they purchase to make it easier to buy and access faster next time,” the press reports.

They also take photos

For many, a mobile phone with internet has become a solid part of shopping in stone stores. More than a quarter of people take a picture and send it for review. An additional 16% calls and discusses the decision. A fifth of shoppers have a phone instead of paper – it has a list of what they want to buy.

See how people use the phone when shopping in stores:

They also go to social networks before retirement

What is the relationship of surfers to advertising on social networks? According to the survey, only a fifth of the people pay attention to it, 65% of them clicked on it and most of them then bought the goods.

Chinese, cheap e-shops also won the favor of Slovaks. More than half of Slovak Internet users rely on them. Almost half bought at and 16% at

It is worth noting that even generation before retirement is active on the web. “66% of people aged 55 to 64 watch social networking at least once a week,” the press release said.

Frequent visitors to online stores are teenagers. Up to 77% of teenagers buy something on the web at least once a month.

At the same time, the study identified eight categories of Slovaks in relation to digital technologies. See them in the photo gallery.