Folding phones are also planned by Samsung or Huawei.

LG has already confirmed that it plans to introduce its own folding smartphone sometime next year. But how could it look like? More likely, the patent that was granted to the company at Korean KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) suggests. The topic was raised by

The figures show the way of construction, respectively. folding your smartphone. As a result, we will have a classic smartphone (but with a frameless display) and get a tablet surface after layout – which could be useful, for example, when navigating or watching multimedia.

At the same time, the patent suggests that LG plans to use a scrollable display rather than a pair of displays.

The folding phones were preliminarily introduced by Samsung and Chinese company Royale, another manufacturer from China Huawei plans to combine folding construction with 5G connectivity.

LG has recently caught the eye of a mobile phone design with a 16-sensor camera on the back.

Foreign prominent people will learn about news from Slovakia. launched a project with influential media Politico

The first edition offers an overview of the political and economic situation of Slovak MEPs.

The Slovak portal and the leading news website on events in the European Union from abroad are starting cooperation.

They will be publishing a so-called playbook – an information booklet that is mainly read by political, business and social elites. It is published in English and Slovaks can now read it – in Slovak. It’s not just on the web, it goes directly to email boxes.

At the end of the ladder

The project is related to the upcoming Euro elections, which have a regularly low interest in Slovakia. Of all the member countries, he always has a place at the top of the ladder. In 2014, only 13.05% came to the polls.

“It will include comprehensive information on Slovak politics, elections and Euro elections,” Ringier Axel Springer SK reports in a press release.

The first edition is already on the web. It offers an overview of the political and economic situation in Slovakia as well as basic information on current MEPs. Part of this is a brief review of Maroš Šefčovič’s views, who did not conceal his candidacy for being the head of the European Commission. He finally gave up. It is now expected to be re-nominated for a Commissioner for the third time in office. Currently, the Energy Union project team is in charge.

They won the poll

Editor-in-Chief of Peter Bárdy announces that the cooperation on Euro-elections does not end and will be “working very closely” on other topics.

Politico was the second time in a row this year’s winner of the poll for the most influential media that reports on European issues. In Brussels, it is relatively short. It is backed by a joint American political house, Politico, and Axel Springer, a large German publishing house co-owned by Ringier Axel Springer, a Swiss-German publishing house.