Colleges in the US often offer you a wide variety of study programs. You can cultivate passions and discover new interests – and find a major to pursue in the future.

No matter what career you choose, don’t choose the easiest courses because you may miss out on great opportunities to discover yourself!

We have compiled a list of the best majors based on research on job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. That’s not to say every of these courses will guarantee you a job, or a big paycheck – but each major presents challenges and can certainly help you develop skills that will apply. in various professional positions.

  1. Computer Science

Not only will you learn more about computers – hardware and software – but you will also learn about putting your knowledge into practice, such as which technology would be right for your business. . As a computer science major, you will be exposed to areas such as robotics, natural language recognition programs, artificial intelligence, programming languages, numerical analysis and game technology. Problem solving is the core value you get, no matter what major you want to pursue.

The average salary of a person working in the  Political Science field can be from 75,000-135,000 USD/year.

  1. Communication

Communication majors tend to suit great “storytellers” who are agile and have strong personalities. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time studying different types of material – such as speeches or scripts – and learning about the strategies behind the messages that speakers and historians use. used to express their ideas. You will learn about verbal and non-verbal messages, how to analyze audience reactions, and different influences from different communication environments. These skills will prepare you for a variety of career options in business, advertising, human resources, public relations, government, education, media and social services.

The average salary of Communication with a university degree is 117,319 USD/year

  1. Government / Political Science

Political science is timely, engaging, and ever-changing because it often deals with current events and statistical analysis. This course studies political issues, with a particular focus on US government, public policy, diplomacy, political philosophy, and comparisons between political parties. Political science majors help develop thinking and communication skills, as well as an understanding of history and culture. You will have to get used to a lot of reading, writing, and math. Suitable future jobs could be lawyer, politician or journalist.

  1. Business

You always thought you were a leader? You will need to work on your problem solving, decision making and excellent communication skills! As you study business, you will gain a solid foundation in the theory and principles of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, and human resources. You will be familiar with budgeting, organizing, planning, hiring, directing, controlling and managing different types of organizations – from startups to multinational corporations. family. A business major will also give you a clearer view of issues such as ethics, politics and factors in any work environment.

  1. Economy

Economics is the study of the “choices”—of individuals, businesses, governments, and society—and how they spend their time, money, and allocate resources. Economics includes knowledge of critical thinking and mathematics. This profession will study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It is also an excellent preparation for the business field if you intend to in the future, as well as for postgraduate studies in law, public policy and international studies.

  1. English Language and Literature

If your hobby is immersed in books – from Shakespeare to Cheryl Strayed – you will be able to find other “souls” like you in the study of the English language. English programs focus on literature, language, and writing. You will be faced with a wide variety of works, from novels to poetry from around the world and throughout history. With a major in the study of literature, this is a solid preparation for the future of law, journalism, publishing, and related graduate study programmes.

  1. Psychology

If you find yourself very interested in learning why some people react to certain aspects of their environment in a certain way, then psychological research will help you learn about biology. of the brain. Psychology focuses on features of the human mind such as learning, perception, intelligence, motivation, emotions, personality, mental disorders, and the ways in which people’s personal preferences are determined. inherited from parents or formed by the surrounding environment. In this field, psychologists will teach, communicate, and solve many of the problems surrounding human behavior. In the job market, this major can help you become a therapist or counselor, but can also become a teacher, child development specialist, lawyer or counselor. , depending on your experience and post-graduation studies that complement your degree.

  1. Nursing

In the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of health problems, this profession will provide the opportunity to work with modern technologies. Nursing majors study the natural sciences and arts like other freshmen and begin internships in hospitals and healthcare facilities in the 2nd semester of their sophomore year. Certification exams will be required upon graduation before you can work officially. Job prospects for nurses are not only rich but diverse, available in fields such as neurology, oncology, obstetrics, and pediatrics.

  1. Chemical Engineering

This is a broad field, encompassing many other branches of engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry. Chemistry majors learn how to rearrange the structure of molecules and how to design chemical processes in chemicals, petroleum, food, and pharmaceuticals. You will learn how to build and operate industrial plants where raw materials are chemically modified. You will learn how to keep the environment pollution-free and safe from hazardous waste. Paper mills, fertilizer manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, plastic manufacturers, and other types of companies will seek your expertise.

  1. Biology

Biology majors study humans, plants, animals, and their habitats, and studies are conducted at the cellular level, ecosystem level, etc. Biology majors can There are career opportunities in high schools, in a number of growing fields such as genetics and biotechnology. You could also become a veterinarian, ecologist, or environmentalist.