It is not necessary to spend the whole property for the Christmas gift. Just the right choice.

Christmas is coming and shops are attracting a variety of discounts and promotions. The offers are massive and if you don’t have a precise idea of ​​what the recipient would like, the choice can be really difficult. We have therefore prepared 10 tips for Christmas gifts that will not spoil anything.

1. Wireless ANC headphones

A pair of quality headphones will be appreciated by everyone. However, as the 3.5 mm jack on the mobile market is retreating into the confines and fewer and fewer manufacturers are implementing it in their smartphones, today’s wireless alternatives are particularly modern.

While ordinary headphones have hundreds of different models on the market, it is a good idea to consider something different – Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It is a technology that monitors events around the microphone and adjusts the sound so that the listener does not hear the surroundings through the headphones. As a result, when traveling by train, for example, you do not hear rail tracks or engine noise from the aircraft. Equipped with large headphones and a completely wireless “jack”.

Just AirPods wireless headphones are very popular. The market has been flooded and so you have a wide choice for any budget. But avoid the cheapest piece of China. Often they have problems connecting and pairing, or reach (even if you have your phone in your pants pocket, the connection may fall).

Good wireless ANCs can be bought for about 100 euros, but they have to be carefully selected. When you want quality, you need to pay extra. The prestigious brands also ask for two hundred for them.

With a “tighter” budget, a more comfortable choice will be a large headphone. For 50 to 100 euros you can find really well-sounding models. With the right combination of connectivity (Bluetooth in combination with a 3.5mm jack), features and endurance per charge, it will do much more than a cheaper cheaper.

The special category is the players you don’t buy wireless headphones. Connecting with a cable has less response and the sounds get into the ears a few milliseconds earlier. It may not seem like a big difference in action and fast video games, but that is what decides.

To select something versatile, we recommend headphones that, in addition to Bluetooth, also have a 3.5mm jack for cable connection. Of course there should be a built-in microphone and the above mentioned ANC.

2. Quick Charger (for iPhone owners)

This point concerns Apple’s iPhone owners. These smartphones are usually supplied only with a slow charger. Quick charging is only at an additional cost. The difference is gigantic. The latest iPhone XS Max, for example, without a quick charger, takes a full charge of three and a half hours, with two hours less.

Although the manufacturer offers more options, we recommend that you buy an official 30W charger from Apple. Equipped with a USB Type C connector, you will also need a USB Type C connector on one and a Lightning on the other end. The price on Apple’s German site is for a meter cable and an 80 euro adapter. Do you find it a lot? Well, Apple also likes to ask what other manufacturers put in the package by default.

Note that the 30W adapter is only compatible with iPhones 8 or later. If it is an older model, you can reach for a less powerful 12W charger. The advantage is that it officially costs “only” 25 euros and the output is a standard USB connector, so you don’t have to buy the cable.

3. Wireless charger

A smart gift can be a wireless charger. A lot of modern smartphones today support wireless Qi charging, but manufacturers do not use compatible accessories.

So if you know that the gift of the gifted model is a supported model, the charging pad or stand is very likely to please. However, we recommend a piece that is part of another subject. On the market you will find, for example, desk lamps with a Qi charger in the base, mouse pads with dedicated phone charging parts and the like. For example, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel has presented various ways to integrate into everyday things in the video.

An interesting option may be a wireless car charger. On the market you will find models that are designed for compartments, drink stands or dashboard. They also exist in the form of various holders and the like. But beware of the output current, below 1 And certainly don’t go.

4. Powerbank

Certainly everyone knows the powerbanks from the world of mobile phones. But have you heard about powerbanks for laptops? I can charge (especially) devices with a USB Type C connector and a higher voltage so that the power to the laptop does not last forever.

As with conventional models, you need to find the right compromise between dimensions, capacity, features and price for notebook power banks. Be sure to include a reserve in the necessary capacity. A regular laptop has a battery with a capacity of 40 to 50 Wh, so take this as a minimum.

We wouldn’t buy a powerbank without supporting fast charging. Minimom is the ability to charge at least 2A.

5. For easier playing on your mobile

The gaming trend has created a whole new category of accessories. A useful help is a gamepad, but it is not always necessary to buy it directly. The simplest alternative is to buy a holder for an existing controller from the game console if one owns it. In this case, a multi-euro holder will serve better than a cheap gamepad. Find out we managed variants for drivers from PlayStation 4 and older “troika”.

For Xbox One, be careful that the driver supports Bluetooth. For models equipped with this technology (bottom control), the Xbox button is around the same plastic as the entire front. Older pieces (upper control) have it separate and in a different color.

6. Voucher to buy any game

A very non-creative, but still good gift is a voucher for purchase on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam. Especially the player is pleased with him and it is definitely a better choice than to buy a random game blindly. Of course, you still need to know which platform a person prefers.

In addition to the right platform, care must be taken to choose the value of the voucher and the country to which it applies. You do not have to buy the whole game, you can only donate a smaller amount and the rest will eventually pay the rest. However, keep in mind that the latest games today cost around 60 or even 70 euros.

The player must then have an account registered in the same country for which the voucher is payable in order to make use of the donation. In fact, in the case of gaming consoles, it often happens that ours locates accounts for example in the USA. Thus, they can only “recharge” the account with American gift vouchers. In this case, we recommend heading to for example and buy a digital voucher.

The reason is that a few years ago the PlayStation Store distribution platform in Slovakia was not officially available. So, to play with friends and buy online content, our people had to create foreign accounts until 2014, with no possibility of a later change in the country. So if it is an older player (the original PS4 console with a matte and shiny cover, PS3), there is a good chance that it will not be able to use the Slovak coupon.

You can also buy a gift voucher for Play Store and Apple Store to purchase mobile software. Here, on the other hand, prices are in several euros and it would be enough to say 10 to 15 euro voucher.

7. Fitness Bracelet

If smarthodes on your taste are too expensive (or unnecessary) in the gift, you can look for fitness bracelets. In addition to counting the steps and distance traveled today, many of them can handle notifications of incoming calls, SMS or alarm clocks.

Therefore, we recommend them not only to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but also to complement the smartphone. For older users, select “pieces” with a larger display and more readable display. They will also appreciate the heart rate sensor and will no longer have to worry if they accidentally convert the phone ring. Wrist vibrations will surely notice.

If the budget allows, the clear choice should be fitness bracelets with e-ink display. This display technology consumes power only when the displayed content changes. So even a wearable device can last for a long time, even for weeks, thanks to it.

They have been available for a long time, such as Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Fitbit or Lenovo. We would avoid unknown brands. The problem in their case is often the cooperation of a bracelet with a smartphone or “untouched” software.

8. Retro game console

The popular trend is the upgraded versions of older game consoles. Their advantage is the integration of a variety of games on-site, advanced ports for connection (HDMI) and smaller sizes. For example, classic Nintendo game consoles or the original PlayStation are offered. A good idea is to choose a console depending on whether it supports the original drivers – it will help to feel nostalgia.

If you know the player’s taste, be sure to check the list of available games. Unlike the “regular” consoles, the repertoire of available titles in the case of modernized retro consoles is limited and fixed. This will prevent disappointment that the new console will miss the title it was bestowed on.

9. Smart speaker

Every home has a smart speaker with voice assistant. The devices now have a wide variety of shapes, so you can find a model that fits your needs. But they don’t understand any English, so they can be a gift especially for English speaking users.

If the main use is search, help with information, and integration with other devices, Google Home or Google Home Mini is the clear choice. For example, in the home he can control music, search for a recipe or record notes while cooking. Above all, the huge database of information that Google has at its disposal is an advantage.

Amazon Alexa, on the other hand, is suitable for shopping users. In Slovakia, for example, it can work with Amazon. In addition, it manages basic tasks like playing music. In addition, Amazon’s voice assistant capabilities can be extended by downloading Alexa Skills extensions.

Apple HomePod is an alternative for people who have more devices from Apple’s ecosystem. The advantage is fast pairing, good integration (especially with Apple Music) and superior sound. On the other hand, HomePod cannot behave like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker.

10. Electric scooter

To move in big cities, everyone wants something small, manageable and ideal electric. Most people don’t seem to think of an electric scooter, but that is what they can accomplish perfectly. They are cheaper by 15 to 25 kilometers, and the highest speed they can reach is similar. However, more expensive pieces should go over 30 kilometers per charge.

The advantage of electric scooters is storage, because you can easily fold them. Some electric scooters even offer an electronic ABS system or are equipped with technology that recharges the battery when braking, thus extending range. In addition, we would focus on water resistance and other saving features.

Prices of scooters start at about 150 to 200 euros, but for more quality models manufacturers also ask for much more. Certainly, it is worth finding a compromise between functions, maximum range and maximum speed.