Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktop 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktop

Are you interested in finding the best 30 inch induction cooktop? Several choices will suit you nicely from MaiCooktop.

Induction cooktops may be used to get a broad assortment of cooking wants. They come with the additional advantage of greater energy efficiency and reduced cooking time than gasoline and electric stovetops.

They may be a superb investment in the long-term due to their high durability and performance. Thus, if you’re trying to find a 30-inch induction cooktop, then you may be confident you’ll receive decent value for the money.

30 Inch Induction Cooktop

Top Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktop 2020

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1. Empava 30″ Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

The Empava 30-inch electric stove induction cooktop features a smooth surface made from glass, which makes cleaning a cinch. It’s excellent heat-resistant properties to stop the danger of cracking and flaking.

This cooktop is excellent for installing over any Empava 24/30-inch under-counter single wall mount and may safely be used with many cast iron and stainless steel pans and pots.

It’s been made as a hot surface indicator while maintaining your advantage in mind. The cooking area screen indicates an’ if the surface is too hot to touch base.

Additionally, it features a pan-size detector which heats the components based upon how big your pan is and automatically turns off if there isn’t any pan.

The induction cooking enables direct creation of this heat in the pan, and therefore, the cooktop stays cool at all times. Moreover, there’s a child lock feature to prevent accidental detection for security. This cooktop has two heat settings ranging from melting into a fast boil. You may just alter the temperature and cooking mode by pressing a button.

With this induction cooktop, it is possible to boil water 50% quicker than other conventional cooktops. The sensitive electronic timer and control permit cooking. It may also control the cooking period for you as you are off.

This 30-inch cooktop is resistant to heat stains and discoloration, making it effortless for you to wash and keep it in the long term. The vitro ceramic glass surface speaks reliability and durability.


  • Offers four cooking zones
  • The hot surface indicator prevents burns and injuries.
  • Nine heat levels using an electronic control system
  • Sleek and smooth layout
  • Simple to clean and keep


  • The setup cost is possibly considerable.

2. True Induction 30-Inch Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove

Proper Induction 30-Inch induction cooktop sets a higher level of energy efficiency. It takes 240 VAC 60 Hz wiring along with a 35 amp fuse circuit.

With a sleek design, it features several security features and kid security control to prevent injuries. This four-burner cooktop boasts rapid response times and enables instant temperature adjustments.

It utilizes innovative magnetic technology to create heat with a magnetic field that responds with stainless steel and cast iron pans and pots. Your pan will heat evenly in just 45 minutes, and you may have boiled water in only 90 minutes.

This induction cooktop provides intuitive, EZ touch controls for the most excellent ease of use. The Japanese NEG ceramic glass cooktop is not challenging to wash.


  • 90% energy efficient
  • ADA-compliant cooktop
  • Features EZ touch controls
  • Requires 240 VAC 60 Hz wiring along with a circuit using a 35 amp fuse
  • Multiple security features and kid security controls


  • The surface could scratch easily
  • It just functions best with induction-friendly pans and pots

3. Empava IDCX30 30-Inch Electric Induction Cooktop

The Empava IDCX30 electrical induction cooktop combines the advantage of petrol with the cleaning ease of electrical cooktops to give you maximum versatility.

It gives exceptionally responsive temperature controls in both low and high heats. The warmth is directly generated on your pan, maintaining the cooktop safe and cool to touch. This cooktop is also easy to wash and maintain.

It features a hot surface indicator along with a pan-size heating detector, which turns off the heat at the lack of a pan for extra safety. What’s more, it includes a child lock controller to be sure the heat isn’t triggered by error.

The cooktop surface is constructed from black vitro ceramic glass resistant to discoloration and stains brought on by heat. It’s four burners for quick and efficient cooking. The electronic control system lets you set exact temperatures for cooking. You may also set a timer to your own cooking time and revel in leisure time while your food cooks!


  • Four cooking burners
  • The smooth, black coating made from ceramic glass
  • Fast, actually, and practical cooking.
  • Simple to clean and use
  • Stay-cool cooktop


  • High installation costs

4. Gasland Chef IH77BF 30-inch Induction Cooktop

The Gasland Chef 30-inch induction cooktop includes four burners for quick and efficient cooking. The compact design makes it effortless to maneuver around during kitchen renovations. The slick and smooth cooktop fits with most contemporary kitchens.

It works on nine heating levels and features digital signature control methods to make cooking easy and enjoyable. The smooth surface is constructed from ceramic, and it allows cooking pans and pots to keep warm and maintain the cooktop cool to touch.

It’s possible to specify a timer that ranges from 1-99 minutes and then sit back to enjoy practical cooking without even fretting about the burning of meals.

This product also includes a security lock for kids. Additionally, it may turn off the heat automatically as a result of this overheating protection.


  • Nine heating settings
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Features an innovative timer method


  • Getting used to the controls requires some time.

5. Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30′ Gallery Series Induction Cooktop

The Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30-inch induction cooktop is popularly famous for its amazingly quick heat supply and even cooking.

Having an easy to clean surface, you do not need to be concerned about the stains and spills. The induction surface does not heat the region around the pan. Additionally, it guarantees less energy consumption through the cooking process.

This Frigidaire induction cooktop includes a built-in timer function that lets you decide on your food’s particular cooking time. It works nicely with stainless steel and cast iron cookware. Together with four different-sized burners, it gives excellent cooktop flexibility.

The melt and maintain alternative produces low, exact heat for melting or cooking food without burning them. This cooktop could be installed over any Frigidaire gallery single electric wall ovens.


  • The surprisingly quick heating process
  • Features four burners
  • Safe and easy to clean surface
  • Has a built-in cooktop timer
  • Comes with auto-size pan discovery


  • The signature control lock only works if the cooktop is switched off.

6. GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30-Inch Black Electric Induction Cooktop

This GE induction cooktop includes four cooking components to decrease your cooking function in half. The fashionable design is convenient and entirely appropriate to uber-chic kitchens. It’s compact enough to fit into a little area.

The glistening, smooth cooktop surface comprised four cooking components. Your cookware will warm up and keep the warmth to keep the food warm after turning the burner off. The cooktop will remain calm during the cooking process.

One characteristic which makes this induction cooktop exceptional is its power boil component. Two of those cooking components boast electricity boil features. With 8-inch measurements, they utilize 2500 W ability to create heat. Your water will boil over minutes! Your cooking time may also reduce appreciably.

The four cooking components guarantee rapid and even heating. The cooktop includes a smooth glass surface, making it much easier for you to wash and keep it for long-term usage. It is possible to just rinse it with a clean piece of cloth or a sponge after each use.

Along with this, the induction cooktop prevents injuries and cautions when the components are too hot to touch with a hot surface indicator light. Additionally, it features heat settings, letting you keep your food warm once you are done cooking. You might even melt chocolate, butter, and other fragile items without burning them using the melt and maintain attribute.


  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Comes with hot and melt settings
  • Features a hot surface indicator to prevent burns and injuries
  • Simple to wash with a sponge or cloth


  • The glass surface could capture stains.
  • The surface may take some time to cool down after use.

7. GE Profile PHP9030SJSS 30 In. Induction Cooktop in Stainless Steel

This GE Profile PHP9030SJSS 30-Inch induction cooktop is an excellent 30-inch alternative for your cooking requirements if you would like stainless steel stuff. It’s lasting and innovative and is ideal for everyday cooking.

It features advanced security settings to decrease the chance of burns and injuries while cooking. Every one of those four burners comes with an indicator light to show which ones have been switched on. The leftovers are automatically switched off after 25 seconds if you do not put a skillet.

The four burners have different timers to permit more versatility. Those burners’ ability ranges from 1800 to 3500 g, the maximum wattage provided by any cooktop on the marketplace!

This induction cooktop also includes a melt choice, which lets you heat things at a temperature much lower than that of a simmer. Aside from that, the controls and functions are all user-friendly and easy to adapt to.


  • Advanced security features
  • Offers high wattage
  • Features a touch screen controller
  • Each burner has a sign light.
  • Shuts off automatically when not in use


  • Relatively expensive
  • Can be installed over specific individual built-in ovens
  • The huge burner might be too large for your help.

8. Ramblewood 4 Burner 30′ Inch Electric Cooktop, EC4-60

The Ramblewood 4 Burner 30-inch induction cooktop, EC4-60, is an easy and dependable choice for ordinary cooking.

It includes approved security features and is super simple to use. The controls and functions can also be straightforward to understand for everyday usage. This slick, black cooktop functions as a gorgeous improvement by mixing in nicely with the d├ęcor of a contemporary kitchen.

This compact, portable cooktop is readily managed and moved around to alter your kitchen design.

It functions on nine power amounts with a precision analog controller to produce the cooking process adaptable for you. You can put the temperature according to your precise requirements and melt delicate things, like butter and chocolates.

Its regulator and control are made from premium-quality German substances to guarantee maximum durability and long-term operation. The robust ceramic glass coating lets your cooking utensils and pans warm up fast while maintaining the cooktop cool. This cooktop comes with an in-built heating index that warns you in any place which can be too hot to touch.


  • Made from a high-grade ceramic glass panel
  • Features nine power amounts
  • Has a precision analog controller
  • Simple to clean and use
  • Nine power levels permit you to set precise cooking temperatures.


  • None reported

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9. GE PP7030SJSS 30-Inch Electric Cooktop with five orgasmic, Bridge Sync Burners

This induction cooktop is just another dependable alternative for ordinary cooking. It features five luminous bridge sync burners for flexible and efficient cooking.

The 9/6- inch electricity boil element lets you boil milk or water in minutes. This cooktop includes a warm atmosphere, which you can use to keep your food warm before it’s served.

You will find reddish LED-backlit knobs to prevent injuries. Even the cooktop surface is very smooth, making easy cleanup and glossy design.


  • Features five radiant elements
  • The bridge sync burners allow rapid and even heating.
  • The energy boil component reduces the boil time by half.
  • Has a keep warm atmosphere to keep the food warm
  • Simple to clean and use


  • None reported

10. GE PP9830DJBB 30-Inch Smooth Top Electric Cooktop with 4 Burners

This GE 30-inch induction cooktop features a 3-speed downdraft exhaust system and four glowing cooking components. On the smooth, glass surface, your meals will cook quickly and evenly.

Maintaining your advantage and versatility in mind permits you to use pans of various sizes on the cooktop. The 3000-watt component ensures that the rapid production of heat. This cooktop also has a power boil component that boils water.

Besides, the bridge component permits you to blend the cooking ingredients in 1 area. For most excellent security and injury avoidance, it’s an in-built management lock feature that protects you and your loved ones against unintentional activation.

Both analog knob controllers have a dark glass coating, giving them a contemporary look while making a convenient cooking process. With these hooks, you can command the four cooking components independently. You will find hot surface indicator lights to make it effortless for you to tell which burners are sexy in a single glance.


  • The glass-top surface seems slick and classy.
  • The Metallic ribbon heating promotes a consistent heating system.
  • The sexy indicator lights warn you if a surface is too hot to touch.
  • The analog chairs are sturdy and suitable to use


  • Cleaning may be a hassle
  • Does not show excellent resistance to scratches and stains
  • Warrants professional setup
  • The amounts written on the cooktop can be hard to read
  • Works nicely with flat-bottomed cookware just

Things to Consider When Purchasing a 30-inch Induction Cooktop

Things to Consider When Purchasing a 30-inch Induction Cooktop

Below are a few things that you need to consider while purchasing a 30-inch Induction cooktop.

The Size

If you’re trying to find a 30-inch induction cooktop, you need to be sure to read the labels correctly before purchasing one. According to a few cooktops, they vary greatly, adapting just one burner and many others accommodating around five or even six.

Usually, induction cooktops, which are 30 inches wide, have approximately 2 to four burners. You need to get some notion of how you’re going to use your cooktop since it can allow you to decide on the ideal model.

Different Types Of Cooktop

If you are new to the area of induction cooktops, you may know its subtypes.

Usually, these cooktops are categorized into the following three categories:

Fixed Countertop Induction Cooktop

This hot type features induction cooktops, which are fixed into a countertop. As a consequence, you will not have the ability to maneuver the cooktop regardless of what.

Fixed induction cooktops look fantastic in a well-renovated kitchen. Ensure that your budget lets you invest in this masterpiece, even as its installment requires professional aid.

Portable Induction Cooktops

If you are somebody who travels regularly, mobile induction cooktops must be your pick!

Ordinarily, these cooktops only contain a single burner and are incredibly lightweight. Their compact size permits you to carry them into your bag for your trips.

Please be aware these cooktops are extremely fundamental, and hence, they’re the cheapest choice. Thus, if you are on a small budget and can not afford a fancy cooktop, this is sometimes the ideal place to start.

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Oven Induction Cooktops

Oven induction cooktops are primarily utilized in kitchens of professional chefs and restaurants. They comprise as many as five burners, letting you cook gourmet meals for a big group of individuals.

In case you’ve got an enormous family who enjoys feasting in your home, a toaster induction cooktop might be your very best option!

Safety Features

Security should be your topmost priority if you are working from the kitchen.

While purchasing a 30-inch induction cooktop, do not neglect to find out what security components it’s. The fantastic thing is that most, if not all, of the induction cooktops, switch off automatically when there’s no pan over the burner. The heat index is another security feature that you ought to be searching for.

The more complex the security features on your cooktop, the lower the possibility of injuries and burns.

Compatibility with Different sporadically

One other vital issue to notice is the compatibility of a cooktop with distinct cookware.

Dependent on the cookware you have, opt for an induction cooktop that’s specially designed to work together.

Additional Features

Like every kitchen accessory or equipment, many induction cooktops provide exceptional features and extra bonuses that other models do not.

Thus, don’t neglect to check out the particular features an induction cooktop provides before buying one.

The Cost

The cost is another crucial element to consider when you’re purchasing a 30-inch induction cooktop. You ought to have a budget in mind and the features you want to gain from.

More frequently than not, you’re going to have the ability to locate a more affordable option but keep in mind, selecting an inexpensive cooktop means you could face problems with it in the not too distant future. It is far better to put money into a good-quality cooktop that runs economically in the long term.

An induction cooktop is an unbelievable kitchen fixture to put money into. In case you’ve got an appropriate budget for one, it can be an essential advantage in the long-term.

To appreciate fast, even cooking daily in significantly less time with increased efficiency, take a look at the models reviewed above and pick the best one based on your particular cooking requirements and tastes.



What type of security features do induction cooktops provide?

Arguably, the primary safety feature to keep an eye out for is whether the cooktop has a child lock. Induction cooktops can become hot, and it requires a light touch to turn them on if there’s no child lock attribute. Even if you don’t have kids, this is a vital security feature.

Other convenient security features include sensors that turn off the gallon at the event of a short circuit.

Will I want to purchase new cookware? Should I buy an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops do need induction for cooking. Induction cooktops utilize a magnetic field to heat the strands straight so that no energy is wasted. Fortunately, induction cookware also tends to operate on conventional cooktops, and you likely have proper pots and pans in your kitchen cabinet.

Stainless steel and iron pans are equally appropriate for induction cooktops. If you wish to check if your cookware in your home is harmonious, put a small magnet on the exterior of the pan. If it sticks, then your pan is magnetic and so compatible.

Most of the induction cooktops additionally include a security feature that prevents the cooktop from shifting off in an oblivious pan.

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Is there anything that you can not cook in an induction cooktop?

You may cook more or less anything about an induction cooktop. They are frequently warm to high temperatures, making them a suitable appliance for cooking and searing meats. The exact temperature controller also makes induction cooking more preferable to stovetop cooking often.

If you love cooking a Chinese wok, you could discover that the absence of fire makes it increasingly challenging to cook big stir-fries. You’ll also fight to char beef.

Are there any cons of induction cooking?

Induction cooktops include many benefits, including rapid heating, accuracy, and energy efficiency.

One of the main drawbacks of induction is that it needs specific cookware. The single drawback to mind is that it may be noisy if you don’t invest in a great fan.

What are the electrical requirements for a 30″ induction cooktop?

Usually, the producer’s needs for an induction cooktop is 40 amps. It’s likely to run most induction cooktops using 30 amps of electricity, but if you’re thinking about operating several burners at precisely the same time, you’ll need at least 40 amps.

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