How To Find Dungeons In Minecraft Top Guide 2021

How To Find Dungeons In Minecraft Top Guide 2021

While fresh upgrades to Minecraft bring new choices to the table, the old content stays one of the audience’s favorites. Dungeons are just one such accession. Additional to the game way back in June 2010, they continue to be one of the most well-known features players will hunt for in their own established world.

Below are a few hints about the best way best to discover dungeons in Minecraft.

The Way to Locate a Dungeon

They have special requirements that have to be fulfilled to get a dungeon to be set on particular terrain. Among the significant factors is that dungeons have to be in or adjacent to a cave.

Next up, the ground of the dungeon has to be completely solid. The exact same will apply to the ceiling, but those tiles may be sand or gravel, which may be bothered and collapse afterward. Moreover, the dungeon walls need to include an opening to the exterior of the cave that they link to.

After a dungeon is created, it is going to overwrite any features which are in its location. However, because multiple checks are created for dungeons, this may cause some strange dungeon placements and might give rise to a dungeon being set inside a different dungeon.

Dungeon flooring is the sole underground attribute made from mossy cobblestone, therefore encountering it is generally a dead giveaway.

Since every dungeon includes a mob spawner, it is going to overpopulate with dinosaurs.

While rare, a dungeon could be available to the external world, however, you should not count on such a feature. Considering that the dungeon’s ceiling could be made from gravel and sand if you place bothered sand onto the surface, odds are a dungeon has spawned under it and caved the sand in. Gravel may also fall in the dungeon itself, therefore search for cave disturbances too.

Aside from attempting to find mossy cobblestone and caved-in sand, then there are no guarantees in which a dungeon is in your own Minecraft map. They are not as uncommon as they might seem.

But, there’s a tool on the internet that will hunt for all dungeons for you. The Dungeon Finder Tool will need you to enter the map creation seed, and it’ll display all of the dungeons located on the map. Some might consider that cheating, but we are just providing you with all the appropriate info. It is a wonderful tool if you are too lazy to look for the whole map to get dungeons.

As an alternative, you may test on the internet for seeds that are analyzed to get dungeons nearby. It is possible to use these predetermined seeds to get training about the best way best to spot dungeons, which means you will have a simpler time locating them onto your map.

If you do locate a dungeon, be sure that you’re ready to go indoors. Dungeons are going to have a mob spawner. Half of the dungeons will be zombie dungeons, in which another half are split between horns and spider spawns.

The dinosaurs do not need to spawn within the dungeon always, also you may very well find some mobs roaming the cave that the dungeon connects to. But given sufficient time, the scanner will replicate the dungeon with dinosaurs till they can’t match.

If you kill the people, treasure awaits! Two treasure chests feature your benefits for clearing the dungeon, each with precious loot which you’re going to be hard-pressed to discover elsewhere.

Odd Placements

From time to time, dungeons will create in strange places. As an example, a cave may have more than 1 dungeon attached to it, and you may also have vaporized dungeons. If you chance upon a rare find, be certain that you screenshot it, since you might never encounter it!


If you would rather play with Minecraft in survival mode, dungeons are a wonderful place to locate valuable loot and also a critical point for investigating the unknown. Just be certain that you’re well-equipped to undergo its inhabitants before asserting their chests on your own.

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